Coronavirus Engineered in Laboratory? Scientists Reject Claim

There are certain segments around the globe who raised their doubts regarding a new virus termed as “COVID-19” or Coronavirus that it has been prepared in a laboratory by human beings.

A group of scientists after conducting a comprehensive research have rejected this theory. After analyzing the genome sequences of viruses and new coronavirus, researchers and scientists claim that they could not find any proof of designing coronavirus in laboratory.

A research published in a journal “Nature Medicine” the group of scientist claim, that after conducting a thorough examination of genome sequence of different types of coronavirus they can conclude that it wasn’t engineered in laboratory rather it came into existence through a natural process. The team of the scientists which were part of this study were from Scripps Research Institute USA, Sydney University Australia, Edinburg University, Columbia University and Tulane University.

Coronavirus belongs to family of germs which cause different nature of diseases and in relation to this the first coronavirus emerged in 2003, that was termed “SARS” and the pandemic emerged from China. From this family of germs the second biggest pandemic was “Mers Virus” which originated from Saudi Arabia.

On 31st December, last year Chinese officials informed World Health Organization (WHO) about the coronavirus and on 20th February it was termed as “SARS-2” However, the disease caused by it was called “Covid-19”. So far, the coronavirus has infected more than two hundred thousand people worldwide, killing 8,000. With the outbreak of the pandemic, Chinese scientists developed the genome sequence of the virus and shared data with the world. In this new research, scientists collaborated with several research institutes to study about the genome sequence and on that basis they could study the evolution of coronavirus and several prominent features of the virus were taken into consideration.

Scientists analyzed various components, including virus spike proteins and discovered that RBD portion in spike proteins which are proteins on the outside of the virus that attach to and penetrate the outer walls of human and animal cells. The scientists concluded that the process was so effective it had to be the outcome of natural course and not from laboratory engineering.

Evidence for this virus being natural is its overall molecular structure, if a scientists were working on a new coronavirus as a pathogen or biological warfare agent, then they will contrive the backbone of a virus which is already recognized as means of causing disease. However the researchers concluded that In the case of coronavirus, the backbone was way too different from known coronaviruses and strictly resembled viruses found in bats and pangolins.

The scientists conducting the research concluded that the two identified aspects of the virus, the mutations in the RBD portion of the spike protein and its dissimilar backbone, rules out the speculations that coronavirus was created in laboratory and no further debate on this theory is required.


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