Operational Parameters I

  • Intellectual and factual pursuits covering multidiscipline, diverse and vibrant dialogue identifying ends, ways and means to international, regional, national and local opportunities and challenges. 
  • Public awareness for implementation of policies, programs, laws and regulations based on sustainable development.
  • Re-energizing social and civic sense. Provide a platform for dialogue among civil society, government institutions, and other organizations (including (I)NGOs/CSOs) and activist networks.
  • Disseminate findings, recommendations, policy guidelines, social action plans and public education through the media, conferences, seminars, lectures and publications.
  • Build and maintain a reliable data base for surveys on; growth index, economic and social pattern, country risk analysis, peace and conflict pattern, crime and law and order and various mega projects of national and public interest. Conduct research on development issues, to resolve conflict and build peace through academic engagements, discussion and dialogue amongst all relevant stakeholders.
  • Project opportunities in areas of national/provincial interest for potential cooperation between stake holders and interested parties from public and private sector.
  • Boast common grounds

Operational Parameters II

To focus on following key areas in terms of development projects:


RIDE’s focus is on strengthening the public health systems while delivering quality integrated healthcare services addressing the key burden of communicable & non-communicable diseases and problems related to the Maternal, Newborn and Child Healthcare.


RIDE’s focus is on providing nutrition specific interventions that address the immediate determinants of maternal and child under nutrition.


Safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are critical to health and well-being therefore RIDE focuses on enabling marginalized communities to access these services.  


Education is a basic human right that should be available to everyone in Pakistan. RIDE focuses on providing people of Pakistan with the information and skills they will need to survive.


RIDE aims to provide services in order to prevent violence against women, children and others at-risk. We focus on providing support when violence occurs.


We aim to build housing, latrines, showers, and cooking areas in order to help restore a sense of home, stability, and strength to vulnerable and marginalized communities.


RIDE focuses on providing skills training and essential tools that will make vulnerable and marginalized communities more employable or enable them to start a small business.

Skill Development:

RIDE focuses on identifying, developing, and nurturing on a class of professionals by providing them skill enhancement opportunities in vocational and occupational training.