What Corona Has Taught Human Race

A firm called Henley & Partners classifies passports from countries around the world and states which country has the most powerful passport. If you have a passport from any of these countries which include Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, France and the United States. So if you have the visa of these countries you can travel to more than 180 countries around the world.

This ranking is not, in fact, of passports, but of rich and powerful countries, and they have formulated a system with which the benefits are reaching the masses these countries have signed an unwritten pact that there is absolutely no need to ban the citizens to travel among the countries mentioned above. However, citizens from third world and poor states would not be allowed to move around freely, since they don’t have established systems and structures in their countries and can possibly hurt the well engineered systems in developed countries.

Well, what could we poor people have done to these mighty systems? A small virus crippled them and turned them upside down. The virus, which is barely visible from the electronic microscope, changed its appearance and entered the human body by jumping from animal to animal, then moving from one body to another and then entering those countries as well where admission was not possible without a visa.

The Coronavirus has taught humans that the world cannot be governed like this, rich and powerful countries on one hand and poor and failed countries on the other, this model cannot function, few countries monopolize human development. Developed nations must not close their doors on ignorant people from poor countries in a fear that they might destroy their established social and economical structures. Europe virus toll soars as Asia braces for second wave

This coronavirus has proven that if there is a collective threat to the world that all countries have to deal with, then the development of humankind by this same rule should also collective, so few countries cannot put this collective development in their account and cannot segregate human race into two the: Brahmans and the untouchables. The world cannot be a Gated Community for the rich where there are 24/7 security arrangements and they can be privileged enough to enter anywhere without a passport while hunger, nakedness and poverty dance on the other side of the same human society.

Sooner or later the world has to decide whether humans should live in the world with the same distinction, or the idea of Gated Community for the few privileged needs to prevail. I am sure that the wise will find out.

Let’s leave the world on its heels and come to Pakistan, where people are thumping their chests and are roaming around unbothered like Coronavirus is about to being attacked by the heat of their faith, and it will die automatically if the temperature of their faith rises. Believe it or not, because the human immune system is not ready to deal with the viruses that are in the animals, the human body is not ready for it since Corona came from the animals.

There is no certainty that these types of viruses transmit to humans by eating forbidden animals, it has been proven that even the Halal animals transmit viruses to humans as well.

Most importantly, the coronavirus can remain in place for a certain period of time and disappears after that period, requiring the human body to show its effect when it enters a body. Then it makes the person sick but when the disease goes away, the virus also disappears. However, if the affected person meets another person during the illness, then the virus is transmitted and thus the chain moves forward.

We need to have eachother’s backs

That is why to prevent its spread, it is important for humans to practice social distance, when the virus does not get to the human body, it will automatically disappear.

The world is going for a lock-down and people around the globe are observing social distance to prevent the spread of virus. When the spread of virus is controlled its impact and affectees will decrease automatically. This the same China has done, Italy is enforcing and the rest of the world is doing. It is imperative to lock down the cities and to avoid a catastrophic loss of lives.

Provide top medical care to patients who are in quarantine, test all those infected with the coronavirus and give doctors with required medical kits and accessories to deal with it. Stop attending food, parties, weddings, shopping. Try creating less sensation with fake news and most importantly, create a solid plan for the poor in this lock-down. The rich and privileged of the society must step forward in these tough times and not consider the less privileged as outcasts. They are our own and we must never denounce our own in the time of calamity.

This makes the lock-down bearable and promotes a sense of community as people realize they are not alone in being confined to their homes for an ­indefinite period of time and their entire community is collectively complying with the restrictions for their common good. Keep faith. The indomitable human spirit will triumph in the end.

Written by Ali Sulehria


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